During the ordering process, you are given a range of choices to choose from. Before proceeding to any purchases, it is considered your responsibility to read and properly understand the choices given. It is highly recommended that you contact us beforehand if you have any questions pertaining to our products or services or any other aspect of your order.

We try our best to quickly answer your query however we cannot warrant or guarantee that this will always be the case. Hence, you are responsible in gathering further information, about the product or service, from us before you make the intention purchasing it.

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Our product/service is in pdf format for the certification exam. The delivery method is instant, as the customer completes the payment then the buyer gets the instant download link of the file, and the buyer is able to download the product. if you need more clarification on it then write back to us at sales@studytostay.com.

Delivery/Shipping Period and Terms of Delivery

You will receive an email which will guide you to all the required information about the download and usage of the Products after you make the purchase. The email will be sent to the email address that you used to register at the Website. In normal cases, you will be given immediate access to the purchased Products. Once your complete the purchase, you will receive access to a relevant Website’s page with a download link for the purchased Products, or you will be given an access code to activate the product or service, or you will be facilitated in some other way to use the Products. Product delivery may get delayed for up to twelve hours in cases where the credit card is flagged or requires manual verification.

Please contact us directly in case where you need to request a refund, or cancel order, or for withdrawal or for exchange or return of the purchased Products, or for any other questions or queries.